Sustainability Innovation Clubhouse Group Speaker Sign Up Form

Thank you for your interest in joining Sustainability Innovation as a guest speaker in an upcoming session. We are looking forward to getting to know you better so we can curate the best conversation.

We create diverse rooms in which speakers can share and discuss (either in a panel with fellow speakers or engaging the audience through a structured Q&A. The DNA of the Sustainability Innovation Values are inclusive, diverse, factual and climate ambitious.
For every session, we run a WhatsApp live group for speaker coordination purposes. This means we will require your phone number for this occasion. We promise your phone number will never be shared, sold, and will be deleted following the session – unless you want to stay in touch.
Due to the number of inquiries, we will not be able to answer every person, but you will be added to our speaker’s roster and we may contact you for future discussions.
Kindly follow the founders, so we can invite you to the session once scheduled and help promote your upcoming session on social media.
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