The fastest way to net zero is to scale existing solutions.
The hardest part is knowing where to start.

65% of companies are unsure about or say they don’t have the resources to achieve meaningful change.
Setting a target is easy, defining a strategy & executing the roadmap is not simple.

Our mission is to make corporate sustainability easier for any company around the world.
Supporting Sustainability Teams in creating lasting internal momentum & positive impact, fast.

Introducing IDEAL_ your Sustainability as a Service portal

AI-enhanced digital portal enabling organisations to successfully design HOW to achieve their  sustainability ambitions by leveraging WHAT already works.

Kickstart & drive your sustainability transformation journey by leveraging  proven best-practices & sustainability assets.

The Green Link offers “Sustainability as a Service”: a yearly subscription giving you access to a powerful suite of online digital tools to design & execute your Sustainability Ambitions with monthly coaching sessions to help you navigate the challenges of execution.

Our portal allow our clients to develop robust, impact-driven operational sustainability strategy, leverage employee insights, manage global and cross-functional collaboration and scan for innovative, mature & scalable technology solutions already available accross the world.

Pragmatic |  Action-oriented | Digital Yearly subscription | All-inclusive features

Sustainability is the future of business strategy.


Our features have been designed to enable Sustainability teams engage & empower their entire organisations to save time & secure success.

Set Company Strategic Sustainability Goals.

Crowdsource Initiatives from employees & libraries of best practices.

Prioritize, review & approve initiatives for implementation.

Track implementation activities progress & budget spent.

Report positive impact & financial ROI.

End-to-end |  strategic management capabilities | from Design to Financial Reporting.

Consolidating company wide information to feed international Sustainability Report Frameworks

More than just a tool for practitioners… a sustainable transformation enabler.

Leverage over 6,000+ assets to power your transformation including: best practices, solutions sets, cleantechs, alternative materials, training content, enabling tools…

Motivate staff through gamified recognition of expertise & involvement.

Foster a positive internal momentum based on real positive impact generated.

Embark and empower every function to improve their environmental footprint.

Avoid starting from scratch & disconnects with operations.

Upskill staff expertise and enable sustainability knowledge acquisition.

Secure the buy-in of employees and contextualize their capabilities.

Report on positive impact generated with supporting tangible stories.

Enable sustainability incentives schemes at employee level.

We support leading organisation across industries

The Green Link’s robust approach help focus on ecological priorities & implement real changes
that have a strong impact on the environment. | Coreta  Menzah – Novo Nordisk France


For very large organisations, reach out for a bespoke quote – fees valid until Dec 31st 2022.

Small Companies
under 100 staff

4 995 BRL / month

  • Up to 5 users
  • Full features access
  • Setup fee 34 500 BRL

Need more?
Additional seat 237 BRL / month

Medium Companies
100 to 2,000 staff

17 900 BRL / month


  • Up to 40 users
  • Full features access
  • 1 hour coaching / month
  • Setup fee 102 500 BRL
  • 1 Inspiring keynote / year

Need more?
Additional 20 seats 4 200 BRL / month

Large Companies
Over 2,000 staff

42 000 BRL / month


  • Up to 150 users
  • Full features access
  • 2 hours coaching / month
  • Setup fee 197 500 BRL
  • 2 Inspiring keynotes / year
Need more?
Additional 100 seats 18 500 BRL / month
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